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Free CMA Abbotsford

Have you ever had a free CMA in Abbotsford? If not, allow mt offer you the most insight you’ve ever had into your home’s value, its local market, and the steps needed to sell for top dollar if you ever wanted to. I can do this on a complimentary consultation with no obligation of any kind.

With a comparative Market Analysis from the MLS, we’ll see a detailed comparison of every property in your market. It uses a combination of bank appraisal data and up-to-the-minute market trends on all properties, including recent sales. This is how we calculate the most accurate sale price.

If you were to sell, it also helps to know which details about your home are most important in passing a hem inspection. Then I’ll help you set a budget based on the projected sale price. This way, if you ever want to sell, you can have these checked out. If repairs can be done within that budget, you should do them before selling. In fact, you should do them regardless to ensure your family’s safety.

With a free CMA in Abbotsford, you get the benefit of accurate information useful in preparing to sell or updating your financial portfolio. By getting on top of any repairs that would fail a home inspection, you ensure your safety and marketability should you decide to sell. Repairs like that are often tax deductible for those reasons. If you decide to sell, I can show you my steps to ensuring the most money fast!

  • Get a free CMA in Abbotsford on a complimentary consultation with a local sales agent.