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Costs of Selling a House Hatzic

If you’re unaware of the costs of selling a house in Hatzic, this is my specialty. I’m a residential real estate specialist in this market. I can share my insights into top-dollar home sales on a free consultation. There’s no commitment, and you’ll learn details about your property unavailable any other way.

We’ll start with an accurate sale price. This is the first step to calculating a budget for the repairs that most older homes need to pass a home inspection. This is not the same thing as remodeling or even basic repairs. The banks are only interested in structural problems that would prevent them from selling your home in foreclosure. This is why they require you to pass to become eligible for buyer financing.

If these can be done within budget, then do them first, pass inspection, and then I’ll stage your home. Once it looks like a buyer showroom, I’ll take pictures and update your MLS profile. Then I’ll list it for sale and market it to the target buyers in your area and price range. By getting as many interested parties as possible to make offers during walk-throughs, I can negotiate for top dollar.

When considering the costs of selling a house in Hatzic, I believe it’s important to understand the context of what equals a successful home sale. If done properly, whatever you pay in repairs is paid back. What you pay in my fee comes out of the sale. The money you put in your pocket is substantially more and paid quicker than by doing no repairs at all. So, in the end, you pay nothing and actually make money.

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  • Learn the costs of selling a house in Hatzic on a free consultation with a local real estate pro.