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Complimentary Valuation Abbotsford

With my complimentary valuation in Abbotsford, you’ll receive a comparative market analysis of your home to others in your area. I pay close attention to essential criteria, such as size, space, age, location, structure, rooms, residence type, and more. And I account for the last three to six months’ worth of recent sales and new, existing, and expired listings to maintain accuracy and thoroughness.

I’m REALTOR® Tamara Bridal, and I want you to get the most out of your free home assessment. That’s why I provide my wealth of tools, skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure that your CMA is as detailed and precise as possible. I’ll even go above and beyond to help you understand where you can improve your home’s value and increase your earning potential by pinpointing areas of your home that need repairs and upgrades.

My sellers know that a complimentary valuation in Abbotsford is the ideal way to begin the process of selling their homes. While some might turn to an online value estimator and others to a formal appraiser, my sellers understand that unreliable results and costly services won’t help. They turned to me because they needed someone who had their best interests at heart and went above and beyond.

Once I learn your home’s value through the CMA, I can establish a competitive asking price. I’ll learn more about the potential buyers in your area looking for a home like yours within your price range, and I’ll begin designing a listing and marketing package designed to cater to them. You won’t get the same treatment by going to a valuation alternative. Get started on the right foot with a call to me today!

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